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Breakfast is provided. Day long symposium focused on existing data use, institutional tools and training. Providing hands-on data and skills training for area nonprofits, community members, and students. Learn how to use our community's data resources and hone your data-focused skills and practices. Presentations by the US Census Bureau, Microsoft, the Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland, CWRU’s Center on Urban Poverty and Community Development (NEO CANDO), and other data-smart, civic-focused Northeast Ohio organizations.

  • Claudia Coulton, Center on Urban Poverty and Community Development, Case Western Reserve University
  • Brian Cummins, Cleveland City Council
  • Leon Wilson, Cleveland Foundation
  • HiMSS Innovation Center
  • Gund Foundation

Learn different skills in 4 breakout rooms:

Room A/B : Excel and Civic Data - Presented by Adam Hecktman

Excel is a tool many people use every day. Excel can be leveraged to unlock the value of open data of all kinds, and it is particularly well-suited to query and visualize open government data and other civic data from multiple sources. In this workshop, you will learn how to use Excel (and Power BI!) to access, transform, cleanse, query, and visualize data using tools that are easy to learn and easy to use. To follow along, please bring a Windows machine; a few machines will be available on a first-come first-serve basis.

Room C : Data 101 - Presented by Jill Miller Zimonand Kyle Fee

Become versed with concepts that are important to understanding and working with data for analysis. Attendees will work hands-on with example datasets to illuminate questions and perform basic analyses.

Technology Showcase : .Data Visualization 101 - Presented by Scott Frank, MD., MSand Kate Warren

Learn design concepts to make compelling data visualizations, as well as how to use commonly accessible software to create easily communicable infographics. Also, learn an exciting data mapping and story-telling tool, LiveStories, used in combination with valuable local Cleveland and Cuyahoga data available on the Health Data Matters data portal.

Welcoming Center : Mapping 101- Presented by Cherie Chungand Will Skora

Learn to use freely accessible resources to create basic (but beautiful) maps.

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Multiple Rooms - See Description

Learn different skills in 3 breakout Panel Discussions:

Room A/B : Lead and Kindergarten Readiness

Presenters from the Center on Urban Poverty and Community Development at Case Western Reserve University and Cuyahoga County's Invest In Children initiative will discuss their work using the ChildHood Longitudinal Integrated Data (CHILD) system to examine the impact of distressed housing on kindergarten readiness in Cuyahoga County. This work will showcase the potential for systematically integrated data in understanding and combating social problems.

- Rob Fischer, Ph. D.

- Laura Schuch, MPH

- Kim Foreman

Technology Showcase :Health and Digital Divide

Personal health records such as MyChart offer exceptional potential to empower patients to manage their health. However, only a small fraction of patients use these free tools, in part due to the digital divide. In this interactive panel, you will have the opportunity to help shape efforts to leverage digital access and inclusion programs to increase the ability of residents to use digital tools to improve their health.

- Amy R. Sheon., Ph.D., M.P.H.

- Samantha Schartman

- Leon Wilson

- Adam Perzynski

Welcoming Center : Cleveland Housing Hackathon

On April 7th and 8th, CMHA in partnership with DigitalC, CSU, Enterprise Community Partners, the Cleveland Foundation, and others will be hosting the first Cleveland Housing Hackathon at CSU's Levin College. Please join us to learn about how this event is taking shape, what role data will play in the Hackathon, and why the focal point is 'Housing Mobility' within the Housing Choice Voucher Program.

- Jeff Brown

- Joshua Edmonds

- Cherie Chung

Multiple Rooms

Boxed lunches and skills marketplace facilitated by Tom O'Brien and staff @ Technology Showcase

During lunch, attendees will have the opportunity to participate in a technical-assistance focused market-place, facilitated by Neighborhood Connections. Bid for (free) time to describe your need or skill to the group and connect with others.

Learn different skills in 3 breakout rooms:

Room A/B : Cuyahoga County New GIS Tools: MyPlace Real Property & Greenprint, presented by Elaine Price and Dan Meaney

Learn how to use the County’s new Real Property information website, MyPlace, plus other methods for accessing county GIS data through FTP, ArcGIS Online, and web services. Then, learn the basic and advanced features of the County Planning Commission’s Greenprint Viewer, a tool for displaying and investigating natural assets, vacant land and other place-based features, including methods for data filtering and querying.

Technology Showcase : Health Data Matters, presented by Amy R. Sheon PH.D., M.P.H., and Becky Gawelek

Health Data Matters is the region's health-focused data portal. Learn how to access and interpret data in the portal, including social and mental health data, United Way 211 calls, and social vulnerability data, among other data sets.

Welcoming Center : Equity in Tech: Myths, Perceptions, and Reality presented by Evelyn Burnett and Seth Pinckney

A dialogue on how to ensure equity in a rapidly evolving digital economy. The best way to ensure people of color have an opportunity to join the tech job boom is to understand the current landscape, determine your company's commitment to inclusion and make a plan to address inequities. Join Evelyn Burnett and Seth Picnkney of HackCleveland to deepen your understanding and plan actionable steps. Participants will consider the importance of company self-assessment, identify resources needed to affect change, and consider the need for long term strategy.

Multiple Rooms

Learn different skills in 3 breakout rooms:

- Room A/B : NEO CANDO, presented by April Urban

Learn how to use two of the NEO CANDO suite of data application; NEO CANDO 2010+ containing social and economic indicators from population to child maltreatment rates, and the NEO CANDO property data portal, containing parcel-level transactions and characteristics info.

- Technology Showcase: American Factfinder, presented by Tim Sarko

Learn how to use the U.S. Census Bureau's online data tool, American Factfinder, for statistics rangind from population demographics to health insurance coverage, to housing.

- Welcoming Center: Data 102, presented by Cherie Chung

A follow-up to Data 101, this workshop will help attendees put together the lessons from today and begin to think about how they can dive into data.


Opening reception hosted by the Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland. All attendees are invited to join us as we celebrate the kick-off of Data Days in the beautiful lobby of the Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland, our evening’s gracious host. Space is limited, pre-registration and a photo ID are required for entry. Registration (for this event only) will close February 24th at 12pm.

8:00AM - 10:00AM
Morning Forum with Aneesh Chopra

Keynote and morning forum with Aneesh Chopra. A morning forum with Aneesh Chopra, President of NavHealth, author of Innovative State and the first Chief Technology Officer of the United States of America appointed under President Barack Obama. ‘ALT’ is aimed at civic activists, as well as institutional and government leaders. An exploration of the use of open federal, state, and local government data and civic engagement. The forum will feature a local perspective alongside Aneesh representing how communities properly enable handshakes among stakeholders and handoffs to civic innovators to better serve communities.

8:00AM - 9:00AM
Registration & Breakfast

The Data Days un/conference, an attendee driven day exploring civic tech and open data. A day of inclusivity and citizen access- YOU set the agenda. ‘CLE’ will cap off Data Days in true un/conference style, focused on engaging the broader public. Developers, advocates, and users alike will convene and facilitate conversations of their choosing. Lighting speakers will be scheduled to share motivating and impassioned stories around the use of technology and data as a means for progress.

Breakout session planning- submit your session ideas here!

Two 10-15 minute talks meant to motivate, drive, & inspire. Speakers to be announced!

Breakout session planning- submit your session ideas here!

Two 10-15 minute talks meant to motivate, drive, & inspire. Speakers to be announced!

Let's celebrate Data Days, reminisce, and get excited about next year!